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Barry’s inspiration

Barry Ogden’s first marigold garden in 1968 was planted outside his family’s motel on Manawagonish Road, Saint John West, Balmoral Court. He was 12 years old.

A community grows from tiny seeds

New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal Sat Jun 11 2011 Page: A9 Section: Opinion   Saint John’s Marigold Project is rooted in a simple premise: that the seeds of good citizenship must be planted and nurtured for communities to grow.   Under its auspices, more than 1,000 elementary school students planted 40,000 marigolds in the city this week. […]

They’re back; Beautification Marigolds bloom again on Main

New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal Fri Jun 10 2011 HILARY PAIGE SMITH TELEGRAPH-JOURNAL SAINT JOHN – It was long past dawn, but that didn’t stop the colours of sunrise from spreading across Main Street on Thursday morning. It was the 14th annual Marigold Project on Main Street. More than 1,000 elementary school children took to the north […]